About Us

PB&J was started in 2002 in the basement of my home as a way to bring in a little income while staying at home with my newborn child.  We had experienced 4 miscarriages before Travis was born in February of 2002 and there was no way I could bring myself to leave him and go back to work.  After much prayer, a friend said "I know what you can do!  You can sell pocketbooks and jewelry."  From there, I started hosting open houses in my basement and traveled to every street scene and festival I could find.  In 2006 my husband had had enough of magic scarves and sequin purses taking over our house and begged me to give it up.  I opened up a retail store in October of 2006  with the expectation of getting rid of my inventory over the Christmas season and closing up shop.   BUT GOD!!!  God blessed PB&J so much over that short period that here we are, still going after all of these years.  We have grown from the days of just selling pocketbooks and jewelry to now offering a wide variety of boutique and gift items.


My family...God has blessed me in abundance!