Bentley Men's Rainbow Sandals - Classic Black

Bentley Men's Rainbow Sandals - Classic Black


Classic Black
The Bentley is one of our hottest men’s styles; it has the classic Rainbow® look with a hand-woven pattern on the strap.

Classic and Premier Leather
Single Layer Arch
1" Hand Woven Strap
Trimmed Edges
Box X Stitch Toe Piece
Bonded Nylon Thread
Double Stitched
Rainbow® Logo Embosed
Original Rainbow® Woven Label
Rainbow® Lifetime Guarantee

The Bentley features a classic and premier leather top sole on a single layer foot bed with arch support. The 1" strap is also leather but has a handmade woven pattern on the top and trimmed edges to keep it all together. The underside of the strap is lined with soft pigskin for added comfort.

Rainbow Sandals uses bonded nylon thread to stitch the nylon toe piece together using their box X stitch pattern. They use the best materials and techniques so there is no fraying, and the stitch will not pull out. The strap is finished off with the Original Rainbow® woven label.

It displays the Rainbow® embossed logo on the foot bed, and Rainbow® name on the non-slip bottom.