Graduate Earth Angel Bracelet

Graduate Earth Angel Bracelet


Rose Gold
This charming bracelet from Earth Angel is a heartfelt tribute to all of the hard work the graduate you know has put into getting their diploma! The polished metal band features three charms - a round tree charm, an angel wing, and a little key with a heart shape built in; it's the perfect present for a graduate about to take their next steps into the working world.

This hand-polished, metal-plated bracelet is part of The Angels of Our Lives collection by Earth Angel, which celebrates the special people in all of our lives. Made from high-quality metals and hand-polished, It's an elegant gift that a special person can wear and bring with them wherever they go! Finally, each bracelet is paired with a printed care card and packaged in its own box, so it's perfect for giving.

Adjustable band easily fits most wrist sizes
Free of cadmium, lead, and nickel
Gift boxed with a printed care card describing the bracelet's meaning
Plated brass base