Michel Design Works Mini Foaming Soap Set

Michel Design Works Mini Foaming Soap Set


Michel Design Works' immensely popular foaming soap is packaged in sets of three Mini Foamers with a sampling of irresistible, complementary scents and designs. Perfect for on the go or in the kitchen, bath, or powder room.


Tuscan Terrace: The earthy floral fragrance with hints of musk is evocative of a beautiful Italian garden.
Jubilee: What a whimsical collection of fruits and florals! The uplifting art of Jubilee is complemented by a fragrance which is just divine.
Poppies and Posies: Bright and showy early summer blossoms and an inviting fragrance make Poppies and Posies a winner both with lovers of the flowers and floral scents alike.


Volume: 4.7 fl. oz. / 140 ml each. Approximate Size: 2 x 1.75 x 5.38 in. / 5.1 x 4.45 x 13.65 cm.

Fragrance Notes:

Tuscan Terrace: Hyacinth, mums, and lilac with notes of fig and musk
Jubilee: Dewy florals with musky amber and raspberry highlights
Poppies and Posies: Powdery poppy and jasmine with notes of violet and fruit